First off I want to express just how grateful I am that you’re here and are possibly considering me as you wedding photographer. I’m truly humbled each and every time a couple puts their trust in me to capture their love and the most important day of their lives together.
I wish I could describe what I feel when photographing a wedding.While I know I can’t possibly be feeling more that what my couples are, it is at the same time truly indescribable.I very often think about what people possibly including yourself expect to read when you click on a about page

I often wonder if this is the first page you clicked on or the last after looking at some of my work.

Either way I’m glad you’re here.


My name is MacCoy.
Yes my first name is MacCoy... My dad was a Star Trek fan

As you may have guessed by now I'm a wedding and portrait Photographer living In Portland Oregon.
I picked up a camera in 2015.
Every single day since then I’ve woke up obsessed and wanting to take photos.
My wanting to take photos has however nothing to do with being a "Photographer" but rather because it lets me connect and understand people in a way that I couldn't or didn't know how to before.   

As much as I love all forms of photography couples and weddings will always be my first love.
I take my work as a wedding photographer very seriously.
The focus of my work today is to connect with couples in order to work together to create something that is an honest reflection of your love and relationship.

If there is anything I want you to know by taking  time to read this silly section its that I care about your wedding day.
I want to know all the details and I want to be a part of it. It's my goal with all my couples to get to know you before your wedding. I truly feel this is the only way to capture your love with the respect it deserves.

I want to know what makes your love special and I don't want to read it in an email I want you to show me, and hey if my camera is with me and we just happen to be somewhere awesome that's cool too.

If you are just looking for a photographer to take a few snapshots of you in a dress & suit I'm not your guy.
If you willing to show me what makes your love special I know we can make images that will be authentic and last for generations .


Image by  Kaylyn Mclachlan


What can I possibly say about my wife you wouldn't immediately know when she walks in the room.

We met as young teenagers but lost touch over the next few years only to reconnect in a silly way.
Since the very second we reconnected we have been inseparable and in May 2014 we were married.
Spending everyday with your best friend and serving our God together is the most rewarding life possible.

Dallas makes any room brighter and makes me laugh every second of every day we've spent together. 
She is my whole word.

Dallas is a incredibly talented Makeup artist and we LOVE working together on weddings.
You can find her work at
We love to travel all over and booking together can add up to huge savings for your destination wedding.

And did I mention we LOVE to travel... Lets go somewhere awesome!

-MacCoy Dean
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