Sometimes it snows in Portland and depending on how you look at it or what car you drive that can either a very good thing or a very slippery mess.  I spent many years as a child living in Kalispell Montana where several feet of snow is a normal and daily reality in winter. 

Portland Oregon is a little different.

You see Portland has much wetter, and heavier snow that turns to slush & ice very quickly making driving seemingly impossible for locals.  In February the weather forecast called for 2-4 inches of snow which meant the entire city shut down. Schools were cancelled and grocery store shelves were emptied  * That last part didn't really happen*

Very predictably it snowed less than 2 inches... Regardless I was able to get out with this awesome couple for a mini session in downtown Portland near city hall where the famous Portlandia statue resides.

I hope you enjoy some of the highlights from our quick shoot together